Who We Are

Paths for People is non-profit committed to connecting with people of all ages to strengthen the voices of Edmontonians in support of creating a walkable and bike-friendly city that’s human-centred by design.


Sarah Hoyles
Executive Director



Born and raised in Edmonton, Sarah has been a keen observer of the progression of active transportation in the capital city. She is a communications consultant, journalist and project manager. Over the past decade, she has contributed her creativity and voice as a producer and host with CKUA and on CBC national programs as well as on that network’s regional current affairs shows in Alberta, Manitoba and New Brunswick. Sarah has utilized her communications and project management background working with the Art Gallery of Alberta, Edmonton Heritage Council, the Ottawa-based United Nations Association in Canada, the Alberta Network of Public Housing Agencies, Walkable Edmonton and more.

Sarah believes in investing time and care into her community. For the last five years, she’s been serving as the Vice President of Latitude 53’s Board of Directors. She is a Ritchie resident where she helped to organize the neighbourhood’s first-ever debate, for the 2017 municipal election, a blanket exercise and Jane’s Walk.




Dave Buchanan

Dave Buchanan teaches English literature and sustainability studies at MacEwan University, where he also serves on the Advisory Council of the Social Innovation Institute. His research looks at the history of cycling literature. He and his wife and two sons are avid cyclists, walkers, and cross-country skiers who love all four of Edmonton’s seasons. He believes that multi-modal transportation is the future, and that our cites need to provide safe, accessible options for people to get around.




Kristen Flath
Vice Chairperson

Kristen Flath has been involved with P4P for past year and volunteered in the cycling community for several years. She’s a year-round bike commuter and a cycle-touring enthusiast with some interest (but little skill) in bike mechanics. She strongly believes that the personal choices we make can lead to significant collective impact and would love to see an Edmonton that supports all modes of active transportation, and a community that embraces it.




Stephen Raitz

Stephen Raitz is currently completing his final year in a BA in Urban Planning at the University of Alberta. He has focused his studies on Transportation Planning issues within the Edmonton Region and looks forward to further delving into this field by working with P4P. Stephen works as a Get Out The Vote Campaign Coordinator for the University of Alberta Students’ Union, a Junior Planner with a Rural Planning Firm, and a Karaoke Host. Between all of this, Stephen is also a councillor with University of Alberta Students’ Union and the City of Edmonton Youth Council.



Marcel Huculak

Marcel Huculak is a passionate transportation engineer who enjoys walking, driving, ride-sharing, Pogo-ing, taxis and especially biking. He was born and raised in Edmonton. Marcel is loving the changes he is seeing to make Edmonton a more walkable, bike-able, and livable city, and he wants to see more!





Sue Holdsworth

Sue Holdsworth is a professional planner who has worked in three countries on two continents. She has two interdisciplinary degrees, along with extra education in urban design and public engagement. She is happiest working in cross-discipline teams, and has the good fortune of having been the project manager for Edmonton’s award winning WinterCity Strategy. For the last two years, she has been a year-round bicycle commuter.




Nas Shariff

Nas Shariff works as an Operations Manager in an inner-city agency that serves, supports and empowers people to take control of their lives and escape the cycle of poverty and homelessness. Nas takes a vision and makes it reality through sound project management. She intuitively sees the threads of opportunity that wind through an organization, brings them together into a coherent whole, helps others extend their thinking, and drives organizational change.


Born in East Africa and raised in Toronto by her immigrant parents, she grew up seeing the world not only through her experiences, but also through the eyes of the diverse cultures around her. Nas is new to the cycling community and truly believes in Paths for People’s mission and vision, and the important work the organization engages in.


Melinda Steenbergen

Melinda Steenbergen is a communications and policy professional, a parent of young children, a cautious commuter, and a political nerd. After a decade in Edmonton cycling year-round and two years pushing a stroller, she has spent countless hours thinking and talking about how we all deserve to travel safely. Melinda has three years’ experience on community league boards, and seven with the province working closely with politicians and government administrations on legislative and policy changes.