Who We Are

Paths for People is a non-profit organization made up of enthusiastic and strategic community-builders working to improve conditions for bicycling and walking (and any other human-powered transportation) within the City of Edmonton.

Paths for People is committed to connecting with people of all ages to strengthen the voices of Edmontonians in support of creating a walkable and bikable city that is human-centred by design. Paths for People collaborates with city planners to make the way we move through the city safe, enjoyable, and sustainable, by encouraging opportunities to utilize public space as shared space.

Paths for People is committed to promoting walking and bicycling as safe, active, affordable, and environmentally-friendly methods of transportation and recreation.

Our Vision

An Edmonton that is safe enjoyable and connected for everyone to walk, bike and live in.

Contact Us

If you have questions about Paths for People, our initiatives, or how you can get involved, contact us!