Winter Cycling Mentor Matching

Paths for People and Bike Edmonton are pairing Edmontonians who have winter cycling experience with folks who want to give it a try.

The two non-profit organizations hope to foster the city’s cycling community and boost Edmontonians’ knowledge, comfort and confidence around cycling in the colder months.

It’s free.


Want to get involved?


*It’s a 5-hour time commitment


How it works:


1) Panel and Meet-n-Greet Session

Friday, February 28 (7-9pm)

Bike Edmonton South Community Workshop

Seasoned winter-cyclists will cover the how-tos in a panel discussion. Then the mentors will be paired with novice winter-cyclists to answer any questions and problem solve one-on-one


2) Knowledge Sharing

February 28-March 13 

A month for the new winter cyclists to try out what they heard and learned at the panel session. They have a chance to ask questions and get insights from their mentor via email over the month. 


3) Group Ride

Saturday, March 14 (11am-12pm) 

Meet at the Bike Edmonton South Community Workshop 

A one-hour group ride with all the mentors and mentees. 


What you need to participate:

  • must be 18+
  • have a working bike
  • be willing to commit to the five hours needed to complete the program