David Engwicht : Creatively Reframing & Reclaiming Public Space

We’re excited to present David Engwicht, the Brisbane, Australia-based social innovator and a significant international leader in placemaking and urban planning.

His public talk will explore his distinctive approach to transportation tie-ups and frustrations not as a design problem but social and cultural problems. Come get challenged and inspired by the Creative Communities‘ director to merge transportation with creativity to help Edmontonians reclaim their streets, both psychologically and physically.

The public talk will be followed by a Q&A

Saturday, February 8, 2020
La Cité Francophone Theatre
8627 Rue Marie-Anne Gaboury in Edmonton, AB

Pay-what-you-can (suggested $20)





David Engwicht’s approach unlike traditional transportation engineers and urban planners. He applies transportation solutions that are people-focused. He is about community-building and placemaking which re-frames and reclaims public space for residents. He champions low-cost, highly creative interventions for changing the conversation and uses of city spaces. David is very engaging while challenging the status quo as he is solution-focused and can help Edmontonians start generating ideas and options for their own communities.

VISIT DAVID’S WEBSITE: creative-communities.com