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Paths for People works to make Edmonton a friendlier place for those who walk and cycle. We believe building cities with human-powered transportation in mind makes our city more safe, more fun, and more sustainable.

  • We were born to walk, and experience shows that when safe, pleasant walking routes are put into place, people naturally go outside and use their feet. Read More
  • There is no cheaper, faster, more pleasant way to take short and medium trips than the bicycle. We want to see safe, high-quality bike routes in Central Edmonton. Read More

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Together we’re forging a path to a more walkable, bikable Edmonton. The best way to support this initiative is to join the movement. Become a member—it’s free! Your support for our initiatives empowers us to be more successful advocates on your behalf.

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Our Initiatives

Expanding the bike network

Cyclists in Edmonton’s downtown are feeling the benefit of protected bike lanes—so why stop there? Paths for People is working to implement a wider strategy for bike lanes that extends from the downtown and beyond.

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30 km/h Speed Limit

Paths for People is currently working to have a default 30 km/h speed limit instated in all residential areas. Studies have show that this decrease in speed can significantly decrease the likelihood of fatality. We’re taking action to make our communities safer for everyone.

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Open Streets

100+ communities in North America host Open Streets—events, where urban streets are temporarily closed to cars and opened to humans. Paths for People is ready to join the movement!

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